Things to Pack When Going for a Wedding Photography Job

Wedding photographers are tasked with one of the hardest jobs in a wedding. They have to capture perfect moments which should be remembered through the photos taken. Photographers have to prepare themselves for this perfect day by equipping themselves with all the gadgets necessary for the day. Here are some of the things to pack when going for a wedding photography job.


This is an essential item in a photographer’s packing list. What can a photographer do without the primary device in their work? Wedding photographers are advised to use a full-frame professional camera. Photographers should try to have the latest cameras in the market since they have better technology. A good camera is to a photographer what a good website like is to a casino enthusiast.


This is a must-have item for anyone who is a professional wedding photographer. The 35 mm or 50 mm lenses can perform the task required ideally. One can also go with the zoom lenses which are cheaper than the 35 mm and 50 mm lenses. Lenses enable a photographer to zoom in on events from a distance. Photographers are advised to use a UV filter or a hood on their lenses to protect them from breakage.

Flash Gun

Many photographers prefer using natural light on photographs. Some scenarios at a wedding are quite dark and require lighting to take a perfect picture. Therefore, any wedding photographer should carry a flashgun for there might be some dark tents in a wedding. There might even be an after-party which takes place in the evening.

Back-up Equipment

One should carry a backup gadget for every essential item in the job. There should be spare batteries in case they run low. One should also take extra memory cards in case one gets full during the job. There should also be an additional camera in case the main one gets a problem.